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I was in Vegas for a week long event and realized on the morning of my last night there that my plans had fallen through and I was going to just be all alone for the evening. I really wanted to just have a nice dinner and evening with a lovely woman but knew it was so last minute there was little hope of finding someone. However, earlier in the week I had the pleasure of seeing Sultry Sophia and she spoke quite highly of one of her friends, Holly Davis. On the off chance that she was free I sent her a quick email and she responded almost immediately. Screening was effortless given that she just called Sophia and before I knew it we had scheduled a time to meet for drinks. The plan was to meet up and get to know each other and then play things by ear.

Holly was great at keeping in communication via text as time got closer and I went to the lobby bar where I waited for her. I was in the middle of texting her when she came around the corner...giant smile and bright eyes that lit up the room. Given that she hides her face on her site I was a bit nervous but all that melted away as I saw her. Holly was wearing a beautiful bright blue dress that exposed her shoulders and just a touch of cleavage. She was so elegant and exceeded my expectations by far. I think the best way to describe Holly is that while she is stunning in so many ways she will fit in perfectly into any sort of environment and could just have easily been at the hotel at my conference. Not only is Holly beautiful but her bubbly personality puts you instantly at ease..within 2 min I felt like I was just meeting and talking to an old friend.

We had a couple drinks and then decided to grab some dinner in the hotel...

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