Review: Holly Davis

TER ID: 234993

Posted: December, 2015 by KS8706

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Session Location

the strip

General Details

After looking at some reviews and websites I decided to contact Holly. She was able to screen me quickly and we were able to set a date and time. Holly kept in great email contact answering any questions. The day of the date seemed to drag on forever but it was well worth it. I stayed on the strip and meet Holly down at the valet. It was a bit of a later date so we decided to head up to the room and order some room service. After deciding on the meal we sat and talked as we waited. Holly could easily tell I was nervous and quickly made me feel comfortable. We ate and it was time for our second to join us. We had Sultry Sophia joining us for the second part of the date. Holly went down to get Sophia the lobby while I cleaned up a little.

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