Review: Hellga

TER ID: 336787

Posted: November, 2017 by NRF100

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Session Location

Luxury Hotel - Mid-Town East

General Details

Helga is a Russian born provider who makes frequent trips to the States as well as international travel. She is a statuesque beauty who is extremely energetic and adventurous behind closed doors. Although her appearance is close to perfect, her performance eclipses her appearance. Depending on your chemistry, she also has a playful personality, which makes her the complete package. This is evinced by the fact that I have seen Helga twice more since our initial meeting. She never disappoints and, when we part, I am always looking forward to our next visit. Standard screening applies and Helga is very responsive via e-mail so there are no miscommunications or long periods of “radio silence.”

Pricy by almost anyone’s standards, when you leave you will feel that you got a bargain. Originally very UTR and first recommended to me by a trusted provider friend, Helga is now looking to expand her close circle of friends. Run, down walk to her before she takes her website down and disappears into the UTR realm …

Helga always stays at higher end hotels in Mid Town area. For our most recent meeting, I set up a 2 hour appointment and we met at the bar of the hotel where she was staying to have a drink first. (This time was not charged against our private time, she knows how to treat repeat clients). Helga always looks great in public and this time was no exception. Her hair is currently blond and shoulder length. Soon, we went upstairs to begin the fun. …

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