Review: Hannah

TER ID: 339808

Posted: September, 2022 by MATTCOLE1771180

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Session Location

midtown hotel

General Details

Was pleasantly surprised to see Hannah back on the menu as she was my ATF a few years ago but thought she was gone. So I RAN to see here again. Its been 4 years since I saw her but while she is not the somewhat naïve tiny young thing she was when I first saw her, it was still a ton of fun as she is definitely a submission who wants you to tell her what to do.

If you are looking for a fun and cool chick to talk to, who happens to be a athletic spinner and down for some fun, I suggest running to her.

ALSO: some people have commented on her body - while she is not the tiny tiny spinner she once was, there is no fat on her. She gained a little weight in the form on a little muscle. Its not much but just wanted everyone to be aware.

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