Review: Gina 38FF

TER ID: 115510

Posted: January, 2007 by BILLYCLYDE

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I had been browsing Craigslist a few months earlier when I happened upon an ad Candy had posted. I took one look at her picture and thought- wow, she's different. A really big, blonde, older woman, with huge breasts. She's a BBW lover's dream. I am not necessarily into BBWs, but I do like more mature women- and I just knew I wanted her. Her ad came down quickly and you don't see them posted often. However, I continued to enjoy looking at the many photos on her personal website. If you like them- you'll like Candy. The photo's appear to be recent and she looks just like her photo's. Anyway, I finally called her number and left a message. She called right back and we set up an appointment to meet at a hotel. A good time was to be had. VIPs read on...

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