Review: Gigi

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Posted: April, 2024 by OBEREMCHUGH

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madison eastside hotel

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GIGI is absolutly amazing, time of my life and have visited several times. the only one, it was an amazing beginning. with a lot of talking and getting to know one another, was really nice to be able to really get to know some one who you could really relate too and bond with on a deeper level as apposed to just a quick in and out. it was very personal and deep on a connection that really made it all the way amazing.

GIGI is the most amazing women on the planet and having had many experiance with her since the first time, its always ust amazing with her. she is beautiful smart caring and knows how to be the best women ever. she is delicate and nothing is ever rushed.

she knows how to make the mood of the room and make you feel like a king for sure. attention to detail and really knowning what she is doing .

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