Review: Emmy Michelle

TER ID: 311405

Posted: March, 2018 by TH3DOCT0R

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Emmy is the creme de la creme. She is sharp, and her mind works quick. She’s hilarious, a great conversationalist, kind, and her body is absolute superfly TNT. Be a gentleman and you’ll be rewarded. Make HER feel comfortable - it’s not just about you - and she’ll show you the magic. I found Em through TER, and reached out by e-mail, and she was super quick to respond. Verification was a breeze, but not so easy as to allow creeps through. I booked two hours, and she got in touch by phone to talk details. Emmy knows a lot about a lot, and was great fun to talk to. I felt like I genuinely got to know her, and that she genuinely wanted to know me. She met me on the Casino floor, and walked arm-in-arm back to the penthouse with me. She was turning heads the whole way, which was a real turn-on. When we got back to the room, I really enjoyed popping some champagne and talking to her for a bit and heating things up. She was engaging in conversation, and dancing a little with me, and enjoying the view from the top floor when things got hot with a quickness. It was an overall fantastic, special experience with a gorgeous, first class woman. VIPs read on for more detail!

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