Review: Destiny Dixon

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Posted: October, 2014 by NICE.GUY

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Los Angeles

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I was planning on vacationing in Los Angeles again, and decided that I'd like to book Destiny Dixon for some private entertainment.  I contacted Perfection Models and booked Destiny for a 2-hour appointment.  Perfection Models was very helpful, responsive, and courteous throughout the entire process.      When Destiny knocked on my hotel room door, I looked through the peep hole and saw a tall, beautiful gal with a very healthy body.  I opened my door; she smiled and just walked right in.  That was kind of playful and cute!  She was wearing a sexy black dress with a revealing bust line.  We went through the formalities, and then sat down to get to know each other.  After spending some time enjoying refreshments and getting comfortable with each other in the living room, Destiny used my bedroom to get changed while I changed in the living room.      Soon afterwards, Destiny opened my bedroom door and sat at the head of the bed.  She was wearing nothing but a sexy stripped g-string, and I mean absolutely nothing else!  I eagerly entered my bedroom wearing only my gym shorts and sat on the bed with her.  VIPs can read on below.

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