Review: Crystal Waters

TER ID: 169334

Posted: January, 2016 by DR.LUCKY30

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Session Location

Reston/Herendon/Dulles Airport area

General Details

Found Crystal on a known escort advertising site; I havee been out of the hobby for a few years and looking to get back in. I used my old experience to pick a good provide who doesn't look like a thug or a thief or a fake and that's exactly what Crystal is, a good "starter" provider without surprises (good and bad). I called her but she she was busy and told me to call her back a little later which I did. We set up an appointment a couple of hours later. When I got to the hotel, waited 10-15 minutes, and then got to meet her. She actually looks much like her pictures with two exceptions: a tremendous butt, I mean her ass is memorable, and some acne damage on her face which is not distracting and she does well to look good with the make up and whatnot.

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