Review: Crysta Heart

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Posted: October, 2015 by MACMURPHY56

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her luxury hotel suite

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I checked out p411 and found an ad for Crysta, this super-hot 30something blonde woman that I’d been wanting to connect with for some time, but our schedules had never meshed before. I read her bio and looked at her photos on p411 and checked out her website for more information and more really hot pictures. There’s this one photo of her sitting and wearing a short dress that is one of the introductory photos on her website. The dress has ridden way up her leg to show lots of very lovely and inviting skin and she has strategically placed her hand between her legs to shield her treasure from view. So very hot and arousing!! It suggests that she must not be wearing panties, because why else would she need to place her hand where it is. That and some of the other hot photos had me very interested. We emailed, texted and spoke on the phone to set up a date. She was so easy to talk with and was very accommodating. She had a number of times that she held open for me. (She is very low volume.) When I was able to free up my schedule at the office, I called and we booked a time for our date. You non-VIPs out there should understand that she is wonderful and not to be missed. You VIPs should read on for the hot details!

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