Review: Chloe Carter

TER ID: 155020

Posted: January, 2017 by BC0873

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I had Chloe on my radar for a good long while and finally an opportunity opened up for me to try to schedule her. Both Chloe and her assistant Hanna were delightful to deal with, although they could use some improvements on communicating with each other. No big deal and not enough to detract from my experience, so not worth details, but it does seem like one does not always know what the other is doing. Could be that it was the holidays, time off, etc. Anyway, the date arrives and Chloe is ready on time, was able to find convenient street parking, and up I went. Nice studio apartment, great location. Non-VIP's Chloe is certainly someone you should see at least once. She puts on one hell of a show.

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