Review: Chloe Carter

TER ID: 155020

Posted: November, 2016 by AMANTESEGRETA

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Session Location

Long Island

General Details

I contacted Chloe via her assistant Hanna. Set up was smooth. Had a morning rendezvous at a nice Long Island hotel. I texted Chloe when I arrived; she responded with the room number and an invite to come up. I popped a couple of altoids in and headed in. I was a bit nervous during the elevator ride as I would soon be spending two hours with the one and only Chloe Carter. I knocked on the door and Chloe opened up and let me in. I couldn't believe how gorgeous she was. Her photos on her website do not do this woman any justice. Absolutely stunning! Chloe greeted me with a hug and a LFK. We chatted while Chloe made me a drink. We then moved the conversation over to the bed. What happened next is for VIPs only. Do not miss an opportunity to see Chloe gentlemen, she is worth every penny!

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