Review: Chloe Carter

TER ID: 155020

Posted: December, 2016 by 5FZDH467GF

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Session Location

Midtown Manhattan Hotel

General Details

Been trying to connect for a while with Chloe and finally hooked up with her in NY when she was traveling. Chloe is a little older than other providers, but boy is she in shape. Sexy. Fun. Mature. Warm. We met for drinks at her midtown Manhattan hotel, and immediately I was getting hard. After one glass of wine, she excused herself to her room while I settled up (getting a second glass of CAB for the room for each of us.) I knocked on her door...the sexy black tight dress she was wearing at the bar was gone...she was in an incredibly sexy VS black bar, thong and garter belt. The door closed and the kissing began. Wet, heavy kissing with her amazing tongue. NON VIP's...Chloe is worth it. Incredible lady with amazing skills. VIP's read on.

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