Review: Chasity / Meloney

TER ID: 158856

Posted: October, 2014 by JOBOST

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Made easy contact. She picked up and was available right away. With one phone call and 3 texts later I was at her hotel.

I went to a floor she said then called her. I was told to wait outside the elevator. The door opened, and closed quickly. I think she was in there to checkme out.. I was then texted to come one floor down and given the room number. I Enter room to see a gorgeous hotty just a thong and a slim bikinii top with tassles. HOT! I enter and she asks me to grab her titties.. which I was happy to do. Somee small talk off to the races, vip's read on.

Very attractive you'd lady with a great behind. Pleasant personality. I would repeat. She is a little paranoid of LE.

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