Review: Charizma

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Posted: January, 2017 by FREDWOLF

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Fort Lauderdale

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I met Charizma while she was in Europe. She was staying in a gorgeous hotel in the suburbs of an European capital. We arranged our meeting via text messages and I went to pick her up for our date. We had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel. Charizma looked stunning in a short tight dress and high heels. She was glowing, very radiant and beautiful face and sexy curves in all the right places. She is a great companion, has a radiant smile and can hold a conversation with any topic. I really enjoyed our time at dinner and it all got very sexy as soon as I realized that under the elegant dress she had no panties. It was a divine mixture of elegance and sophistication with sexiness and naughtiness. I couldn't wait to take her up to the room. Great conversation, positive person, amazing smile, relaxed and accommodating, a blend of elegance and naughtiness. Very classy ..looking forward to more dates.

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