Review: Carla

TER ID: 275424

Posted: February, 2017 by 962308

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My hotel

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I arrived rather late in Toronto but TP has girls available late, so called. Carla was one of two still around so I had her come by for an hour. She arrived promptly on time, but the agency called to tell me the hotel door was locked so I'd have to go down to get her. I told them what I was wearing and went down. Carla got out of a car waiting in front of the hotel and came over. She had on a ton of makeup, sexy ripped pants, and heels, and had bleached platinum pastel hair. I think it was pretty obvious to the late-night hotel workers whom I was greeting and welcoming in. Oh well--she looked sexy! She spoke with a slight accent and said she was Russian. We hugged as if we knew each other and went up to my room, where I offered her the donation. She took it out of the envelope in front of me, counted it, then texted her driver to let him know everything was okay. We put on some music and got down to the action, which was... fine. A good time. Read more below!

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