Review: Calliste

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Posted: November, 2023 by DARKANDDEEP

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Chicago, IL

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So I haven't written a review in 8 years. Sorry, my bad. I know I should give back to the community that I rely on so much. But when you've been hobbying as long as I have been then the encounters merge into each other and lose individuality. But then you have that rare experience that compels you to savor every moment and reminisce about it over and over. Spending time with Callie was just that. I can only compare it to the experience of experiencing everything on magic mushrooms. Everything was just more vibrant, colorful and intense. The communication and set up via email was prompt and easy. The location in Chicago Gold Coast was convenient and nice. Those who are wondering whether they should see her, my advice to them is to run, not walk. I made the mistake of thinking that 2 hours would be enough time to spend in her company. Needless to say I extended our time together substantially. I cannot wait to see her again.

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