Review: Brazilian Sarah / Leona / July

TER ID: 359952

Posted: February, 2024 by WILLIEWOK

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I came across July's post on P411 by surprise -- a very pleasant surprise. Her breathtaking beauty, at least in her pics, was striking, and I was immediately hooked. So I took a chance on a same-day request. She (or her English-writing representative) replied, was very friendly and inviting, and stated she was available and willing to meet that same day. So glad I contacted her! She was in a great location, and when we met, the chemistry was obvious. She is a stunningly gorgeous Latina, even though she greeted me with a warm hug and LFK, which she was a little guarded, at first. She stopped the action for a second to made sure that the donation was there and she took the time to ensure that everything was right before we went any further -- which isn't typically the way it goes with most of the other ladies I see. I chalked it up to her being young and new to this area. But then after that, the whole date was absolutely amazing!! This sweet, sexy lady is highly recommended!

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