Review: Bianca and Rob

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Posted: August, 2015 by OBKENOBIE

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We were actually scheduled to meet last fall, but 2 appointments had to be canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We had some interesting texts and emails back and forth, as others have mentioned they are a couple that would be very easy to hang out with in any circumstance. They let me know that they had another trip to the DMV planned, and this time the stars aligned.

I had not had any experience with MMF or MFM (if you are not sure of the distinction, refer to their excellent website which explains it all). I had never even considered a bi experience before I read some of their amazing reviews. But one thing that hobbying has done for me is make me more open-minded and less judgmental, and I decided to push my limits.

The hotel was one where they had not stayed before, and I had never been there either. It turned out to be one that needs a key-card for the elevators, not ideal, so I had to look casual until another patron went to get on the elevator with a room key. But soon I was at their door. Non VIP's... if you have any inclination to try a 3 way with another male, you could not do better than B & R.

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