Review: Bianca and Rob

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Posted: February, 2015 by JECKIL

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New York City

General Details

When I found Bianca and Rob's website I immediately knew i wanted to contact them; people that are sexually open find themselves. This is my first experience with them. Because of the description on their site and past experiences i felt confortable enough to contact them.

I contact them via Text Message I was really concerned because it was my first time doing this in NY; they were incredibly relaxed and made me feel confortable chatting with them. I have tried contacting other providers but I never felt as at ease or as confortable when I texted them. Which is very important to me.

They are the best you will find and that I ve had the pleasure of sharing an evening with.

I consider myself someone that has explored sexuality but there is always something missing; that mutual attraction or chemistry that only someone as special as Bianca and Rob bring to an encounter; this was one for the books; one that I will not soon forget.

Vip Folks read on for more details. It will be explicit as it gets; not for the average folk.

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