Review: Ava Grant

TER ID: 293817

Posted: May, 2022 by HRNYGUY31

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Session Location

Carlsbad, CA

General Details

I found Ava's ad on a provider website and was struck by her appearance. She looked like Julia Louise Dreyfuss, only hotter and those hazel eyes were enchanting. But I have to tell you, when I looked back in preparation of this review, I was not as impressed with her looks. Anyway, it was very easy to book with her. I went to her incall parking lot, running late, but she was understanding. Called me up to her room immediately. I must say, i was not impressed when she opened the door. She did not look like she had properly prepared for the meeting, even though as I said, i was running late so that she had plenty of time. She also set the meeting time based on her need to get sufficiently freshened up. I will skip all the clues that made me think she did not spend a lot of time "freshening up", and get to the juicy details.

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