Review: Asian Ann

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Posted: December, 2017 by COUSINVINNIE

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Ann is super responsive and patient when making the original contact. I'm basically a newbie and I missed a phone call appointment not once but twice. She was not put off. She understood my explanation and we confirmed the meet. leading up to the meeting she kept in continuous contact until I arrived and was very welcoming when I arrived. Ann is a sweet, sincere and intelligent woman. And I mean woman, she is not a girl. She can carry on a conversation on just about any subject. She has an interesting past and our conversation flowed naturally. My profession is very esoteric. When I tell people what I do they usually say "what is that." Not only did Ann understand what I do for a living she had real opinions and questions. This may not seem important but we men usually define ourselves by our careers - I certainly do. To have a "provider" relate to my work was a real turn on - it cemented the chemistry I felt immediately. I got the impression that the chemistry was mutual. I felt like I was being welcomed home from a business trip by someone that I had known years. Of course the introduction was quite pleasant. Ann is super hot with a beautiful smile and toned body.

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