Review: Anya Bruni

TER ID: 301217

Posted: October, 2016 by TAMHILL

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Session Location

Nice hotel near Capitol

General Details

I first met Anya back in May 2016. She travels to different cities. I drove from San Antonio to meet her. When I first met her she was wearing a tight little dress that showed her petite & very attractive figure. I had an early afternoon appointment then came back for more in the evening. She had some free time so we hit a Russian restaurant & 6th street. Very friendly and sociable, with a nice since of humor.

She texted me to let me know she was coming back to Austin, so I met her again on 10/27. I highly recommend meeting her. She is not only great in bed, but fun to hang out with. I can't wait for to come back to Austin... or I may just fly to meet her in another city.

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