Review: Angelina Rivero

TER ID: 340287

Posted: September, 2023 by THEOLPERFESSER

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Session Location

Dedham, MA

General Details

I came across Angelina's ad and photos on another website and saw that she'd be staying near me, so I got in touch with her. I provided all of the usual screening info in my initial email, and without further questioning from her we scheduled an appointment for the next day. I finished a work-related task early and texted her, and she agreed to meet me a half-hour early.

Prior reviews indicate that she normally doesn't stay in or near the bigger East Coast cities, and I learned she was here more for social reasons than on business, so I can't say when she'll be back. Her photos are nice and suggest a doe-eyed GND, but in person she is even prettier and looks more sophisticated. I might repeat if she returns, as she is a solid performer and charges a reasonable (for this area) rate. While she was very attractive and a nice person, I felt the chemistry between us was lacking a bit (as other reviews indicate, YMMV). Nevertheless, I recommend.

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