Review: Angelina Cruz / Jaylene Jaxon

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Posted: August, 2015 by CDNBMAN

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I found Angelina almost by accident, and took a look at her web site and reviews. Her web site and overall web presence is quite low key, and the available photos provide just a hint of her looks and build. But there was enough there to convince me to contact her and attempt to schedule an appointment. She is likely the most responsive provider I have dealt with.

I was staying at a large, kind of confusing hotel complex. This lead to a couple of phone calls to get her to my room. They were pretty funny, and she came across as very composed and energetic at the same time. When the knock on the door came, in she walked and basically took charge of the room. Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, it takes a while to break the ice. Not with Angelina. She is full speed ahead from the time she walks in. She showed up in sun glasses and a dress that only hinted at what was underneath. Once she took off those glasses, I was looking at was likely the most gorgeous provider I have been with. Her facial features and eyes especially are stunning. Her web site photos in no way prepare you for how she looks in real life.

We cracked some champagne, she sat on my lap, complete with some gyrations that were pretty damn distracting. Some kissing, light conversation, and her working her not inconsiderable charms. Before long, she excused herself to change, while we carried on a conversation the whole time. Then she emerged in a negligee combo. That's when you realize that the fitness model part of her background is legit. Her body is trim, proportioned and stunning. Then the serious exploration began...

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