Review: Amber

TER ID: 347725

Posted: August, 2020 by BADGER48

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I will start with, Amber is a beautiful gem! I heard some things and read her early reviews. I really wanted to meet her, but she was out and would be back in a week or so. In the meantime I was cleared by the agency so I'd be ready to go! Amber returned and I made the appointment. I was very charged up with anticipation about meeting Amber! It's a really big apartment complex, but two texts and I was good to go. The bookers instructions were easy and getting in and getting to Ambers apt was a breeze! Gave a very light tap, door opens and I step to my left. Like I said in the beginning, a beautiful gem, beautiful for her looks and gem for how she treats you when you are in her domain & under her spell!!

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