Review: Amanda Banks

TER ID: 310250

Posted: March, 2023 by HSPECTAR

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I was on a long 9 year hiatus, but still hung around TER reading the reviews. I came across Amanda's amazing reviews during lockdown, and having viewed her web site numerous times decided I had to un-retire! I initially made contact by email, which was followed up with a phone call. Her web site pictures are stunning and she may seem like that gorgeous unattainable woman you would see in a bar or walking down the street, she most definitley is NOT like that. Right from that first phone conversation, she had me hooked. She is really down to earth, engaging and friendly. After my first contact, it actually took 2 months before we met, due to my work commitments and travel. However, during this time we exchanged texts. She was very flirty and this set the tone for our eventual date. She is located near me, so we made arrangements to meet at a nearby hotel.

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