Review: Alysha Tulip

TER ID: 186137

Posted: November, 2015 by CABERNETMAN76

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I was in a MILF mood - had been eyeing Alysha for a while and decided to give her a try. Had gone through email screening and was able to setup a time when she was in the south bay. Incall was at a hotel in the sunnyvale area - nice large room (suite-like) which gives more options for fun. Greeted me at the door wearing some nice red lingerie - proceeded to lead me in and give me a kiss. One thing i have to note is that Alysha is a bit of a more mature MILF. Not in her 30's - but more mid to late 40s. The pics are definitely her, but have been modified to show her in the best light. She is definitely attractive for her age, but dont expect a mid 30's MILF. However - i will say that her attitude and service is top notch - if a bit more mature can float your boat - then she is definitely worth a try.

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