Review: Alysha Tulip

TER ID: 186137

Posted: October, 2015 by BRYANJONZIN

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Session Location

Rohnert Park

General Details

Setup 2 hour date in advance by about a week - provided a reference that I knew Alysha personally knew. Provided info about me and what I was looking forward to in our date, including a fantastic massage. A day or so before the date, re-confirmed and resent verification info - communication back was cut & paste - received directions to her incall - arrived on time, called to get unit # and Alysha was running late and in car running errands. After some confusing directions to her unit, we finally hooked up 75 minutes later. Started off with some wine and cheese to break the ice - had looked forward to a massage but ended up receiving a back rub. She seemed tired, uninterested and was distracted by her phone throughout the appointment. She let me know that she did have some family responsibilities and that was why she was checking her phone - so after 90 minutes I left.

She's a very nice woman who takes good care of herself - seemed willing to accommodate, but didn't seem to be very into our session. Perhaps she was just tired, but I had asked at the beginning if she wanted to reschedule because she was running so late... I don't plan on repeating - VIP's read on...

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