Review: Alexa Chun

TER ID: 134553

Posted: September, 2012 by WES

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I saw Alexa's profile on P411, which started to get me interested, that led me to LeVIP's web site. I prefer to avoid agencies, but after reading through their web site I saw that they really aren't a traditional agency. The claim all they do is take care of the screening and then turn your contact info over to the girl and you make the appointment with them directly. I decided to take a chance with them since I loved Alexa's pictures. Being on P411 and having TER whitelists made the screening painless and fast, and just as they claim the next contact I had was with Alexa directly which is when we scheduled a time for her to come over. Because of the labor day weekend and her busy schedule we set up a time about 2 weeks out. Usually I can't plan ahead that much but I just had a feeling she would be worth it. Alexa responded to every email within a few hours and seemed really friendly. By the time the day we were supposed to meet came around the anticipation grew to the point I was becoming afraid she couldn't live up to my expectations......BUT SHE DID. As soon as I saw her I was blown away, she is beautiful.

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