The Erotic Highway

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Life is an Erotic Highway. Sometimes on that journey we all could use a little guidance. Let us help you navigate it, and have a bit of fun along the way. If you have questions or observations about sex, love, or the hobby, ask for us advice. We will do everything in our power to get you to your destination!

Please be aware that we are in no way physicians and that questions concerning medical conditions and prescription drug management issues will not be posted.


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ScratchingMyItchyBalls8859 reads
TheLoveGoddess6191 reads
SinsOfTheFlesh5570 reads
ScratchingMyItchyBalls5260 reads
TheLoveGoddess7275 reads
shudaknownbetter4739 reads
on.The.Edge9221 reads
TheLoveGoddess6137 reads
on.The.Edge5873 reads
Claudius423105972 reads
octovert6715 reads
Sidney Starr6620 reads
TheLoveGoddess4695 reads
shudaknownbetter6670 reads
mrfisher5864 reads
Inquiring Mind4881 reads
jr19704752 reads
Boricualover6834 reads
TheLoveGoddess5714 reads
veronicamassage6068 reads
bballs5937 reads
MissMarie4685 reads
Boricualover5456 reads
Unn6040 reads
TheLoveGoddess6889 reads
Unn6438 reads
HDDOC965437 reads
TheLoveGoddess6587 reads
Unn4989 reads
TheLoveGoddess6368 reads
norm20066208 reads
WD-508822 reads
TheLoveGoddess6903 reads
WD-507219 reads
TheLoveGoddess6419 reads
WD-506329 reads
TheCyclist6010 reads
brazil216050 reads
houstonsmartgal7342 reads
famkejensen6216 reads
Zangari7074 reads
SFGentleman5808 reads
houstonsmartgal7431 reads
WD-507108 reads
SinsOfTheFlesh5427 reads
WD-506987 reads
famkejensen7277 reads
johngaltnh6114 reads
WD-506300 reads
SassyRed5963 reads
bobolooey6739 reads
jr19707016 reads
Dickydick6919 reads
TheLoveGoddess6481 reads
brazil214660 reads
dharmabum5818 reads
Udo6834 reads
TheLoveGoddess8004 reads
Tall69698394 reads
TheLoveGoddess6720 reads
Bostonguy577083 reads
Tall69696172 reads
Bostonguy576204 reads
Tall69697183 reads
Bostonguy576236 reads
houstonsmartgal6644 reads
eyeluv2look6088 reads
Tall69698271 reads
follonero7008 reads
Tall69697008 reads
princesslaya7493 reads
jr19706269 reads
Kern567401 reads
Bostonguy575387 reads
justtoopersonal7094 reads
TheLoveGoddess5303 reads
Bostonguy575797 reads
TheLoveGoddess5522 reads
Shintaro5869 reads
cobramaster6306 reads
HDDOC965622 reads
TheLoveGoddess5576 reads
HairyBoner5247 reads
mrfisher7071 reads
Zangari5986 reads
TheLoveGoddess7039 reads
oalexander5301 reads
Timbow5996 reads
TheLoveGoddess6310 reads
houstonsmartgal5256 reads
TheLoveGoddess6191 reads
Zangari6811 reads
TheLoveGoddess7057 reads
houstonsmartgal7333 reads
quadseasonal7193 reads
kimbra5165 reads
tristater455854 reads
oalexander7614 reads
wormwood6450 reads
oalexander5777 reads
wormwood6615 reads
TheLoveGoddess6328 reads
oalexander5679 reads
houstonsmartgal7468 reads
RookieHobbyist16701 reads
TheLoveGoddess7518 reads
RookieHobbyist15545 reads
brazil217169 reads
TheLoveGoddess7502 reads
harborview5667 reads
TheLoveGoddess4849 reads
someotherbruce5678 reads
sly598553 reads
TheLoveGoddess5943 reads
follonero7304 reads
sly596534 reads
follonero5309 reads
sly597710 reads
Goldenlight7601 reads
hungry19517329 reads
Zangari8572 reads
TheLoveGoddess6389 reads
PEdontbotherme8875 reads
TheLoveGoddess5009 reads
Alongtheway7814 reads
TheLoveGoddess6577 reads
Alongtheway4950 reads
lilli6744 reads
TheLoveGoddess6344 reads
lilli7088 reads
TheCyclist7319 reads
lilli5812 reads
famkejensen6155 reads
friendly client8041 reads
wormwood6394 reads
TaylerLakeFL7513 reads
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tjswimr6547 reads
TheLoveGoddess6389 reads
sweetnicole16054 reads
LadyTatas4874 reads
deolehipsta8754 reads
mrfisher6840 reads
Bootzie586397 reads
TheLoveGoddess5738 reads
InquiringMindsNeedToKnow6586 reads
houstonsmartgal6118 reads
infomike5121 reads
Dbara7527 reads
ipeesittingdown7405 reads
Dbara6343 reads
infomike6195 reads
ED_Victim7846 reads
House-of-Pain9523 reads
TheLoveGoddess5258 reads
TheCyclist5777 reads
House-of-Pain5846 reads
TheLoveGoddess5243 reads
CruzinLA7695 reads
infomike3691 reads
TheLoveGoddess7198 reads
yencerman7851 reads
TheLoveGoddess6591 reads
finallyfun7764 reads
yencerman5000 reads
gracchus7106 reads
OhmygodwhathaveIdone9443 reads
PittPanther6590 reads
TheLoveGoddess6987 reads
TheLoveGoddess6149 reads
Timbow5168 reads
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