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Guidelines for submitting reviews:
  1. You must sign up for a username before submitting a review. A username is required so we may credit your reviews and keep others from posting their own material under your name. A username also protects your anonymity and reputation. If you do not have a username, please click here to sign up for one, FREE.
  2. Be fair and honest in your reviews -- this is what the providers do for a living. Try not to be swayed – for good or bad – by any emotions you may feel immediately following an encounter as your feelings may change over the next day or two. FAIR WARNING: We will not post any review that slams or denigrates a provider, nor will we post reviews that contain such derogatory terms such as: cunt, bitch, slut or any other wording that we deem inappropriate or hurtful. TER has created a community where hobbyists can help a member find exactly what he’s looking for – or warn someone away from a provider that doesn’t look, act or perform as advertised.
  3. Members appreciate being warned about ROB’s, Bait & Switch providers, or dangerous or dirty situations. Some members are sensitive to dirt, animals, noise or smoking, so be sure to mention anything of note in your review.
  4. The provider being reviewed must have a current advertisement on the web that includes her name and at least one type of the following contact information: phone number, pager, email address or reservation form.
  5. A phone number isn't required for posting. If the provider doesn't wish to give out her phone number, please respect her decision. Type 555-555-1212 in the phone number field instead of a real number.
  6. You must also enter the provider’s web address in the "Web Site" field, along with her site name. If she advertises on an adult mall, a link that takes us directly to her ad will speed up your review process. To make the link, find the picture of the girl at the mall site and right click (or SHIFT+CLICK) on her photo. A pop up menu will appear. Choose the option to “Open in a new window.” The direct link will appear in the address bar above. Copy and paste that address into your review. Remember, names of escort agencies or newspapers aren’t good enough. Classified ads are also unacceptable. Only URL or web links will pass muster.
  7. Massage Parlors are accepted and posted in the Massage Parlor section. However, these reviews will not receive membership credit because the majority of Massage Parlors don't advertise on the web with the names of their girls on the web advertisement (internet advertising is a TER must for posting.)
  8. In order to keep our overall performance ratings consistent, we set up the following system: An escort provider is only eligible to earn up to a 7, unless she performs one or some of the following during a session: Kisses With Tongue, Bare-Back Blow Job, Really Bi, Anal Sex, or More than One Guy. For each of these services that are performed, her potential max score is raised by one point, with 10 as an absolute maximum. Remember, it’s your review; within these guidelines you still get to decide what her score should be. You do not have to give her the ‘extra point’.
  9. You may also submit an update on a provider that you have already reviewed, but you won’t be credited for an additional 15 days. Your new review must be a complete rewrite that adds something new to the experience. Your old review will remain.
  10. Each review should recount a visit that took place within the last three months in order to be timely. A lot can change with a provider - even in this relatively short amount of time.
  11. Both the General and Juicy Details section have been set up to house elaborate descriptions of the encounter. The General Details section should contain generalized, broader comments about the provider and your experience. At this point, do not mention specific sexual acts or price; just give the members a tease. The Juicy Details section should be used to describe the provider, the experience, and whether or not you enjoyed it in graphic emotional and sexual terms. Don’t make this space a recap of the General section. Instead, go for a blow-by-blow tell-all of your session with the provider from your own unique point of view. Remember, your opinion matters! Both the General and Juicy details should be at least four lines long or (preferably) longer. Make your reviews candid, informative and interesting to read. What are the most important qualities you look for before deciding to meet a provider? Be sure to put those things in your review.
  12. Reviews cannot be submitted by the provider (self-review) or submitted by anyone directly related to the provider (husband, brother, roommate, other provider, etc.). Reviews cannot be submitted from the provider's computer.  Breaking these rules will result in the provider’s profile being delisted, if caught. Repeat offenders are subject to being permanently banned from TER.
  13. TER has a policy against exchanging good reviews for favors (free or discounted meetings, etc.) or anything of value. (TER also has a policy against attempting to get free or discounted meetings, etc. by threatening a bad review.) Remember, you are trying to be help other members get the best bang for their buck, and fake or inaccurate reviews don’t do that.
  14. Most of all, have fun!
  15. Reviews which violate TER’s policies (as periodically updated), as determined by TER in its sole discretion, will be removed and any credit will be taken away. TER reserves the right to cancel the membership of anyone that violates any of TER’s policies, and may ban a member if TER believes that the violations were willful, repeated or flagrant.
  16. By providing us with content or posting content, including reviews, you assign to The Erotic Review all intellectual property rights you have in the content. This assignment includes, but is not limited to, all rights of copyright in the content you post and in all derivative works, and to any and all causes of action accrued or accruing for infringement of the copyright in the content. Further, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to assert such rights against The Erotic Review, its sublicensees or assignees. You represent and warrant that none of the following infringe any intellectual property right: your provision of content to The Erotic Review, your posting of content using this website, and The Erotic Review’s use of such content (including of works derived from it). You also represent and warrant that the content you post on The Erotic Review has not and will not be posted anywhere else by you. We are not obligated to post any review and we reserve the right not to credit, or to remove credit from writers of reviews we do not post or cancel later.
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