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Darn it lady, you are a gifted writer ....red_smile
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I had a hard on just reading your post. I can't wait if it happens for real.  Great post!

I guess the OP question is leaning to about giving to men only so i'll stick with that. I love it and i'm great at it.  Sometimes not sure if i love it because i'm great at it or great at it because I love it lol :).  I obsess about new things I can do, new ways to make a man squirm, I daydream about doing just that haha.

Not sure how a lady feels about oral or if she might be lying about her love of it - read her reviews.

Do the reviewers mention she was enthusastic?  Did she take her time start to finish?  Was she upbeat, friendly, have lots of eye contact during the time?

Those are all indicators of a woman who is enjoying what she is doing.  Not every lady enjoys giving oral, some like it as a little foreplay for the main event (sex) but there are others - like myself, who think oral sex can be the best part of the session.

I get seriously turned on providing oral and really enjoy having a guy lay back and enjoy himself.

ENJOY? The word enjoy doesnt even describe it. I think its the hottest thing in the world to do especially if your watching. My mouth is the paintbrush and your cook is the canvas.

The skin is soft and velvety. Smooth, as I draw my tongue around its glory. Shimmering in the dim light, wet and throbbing. Small beads of moisture seep from the tip. Oozing in preparation for the moment.

A glorious shaft; tall, strong and hard. Underneath, there lies a base of delightful textured skin. Soft to touch, molding it in my hands; gathering it in my mouth. Skin tightening as I leave licks around the circumference making me want to suck it into my mouth, once more. I marvel at the long ridge leading from the tip of the shaft to the underside and leading to the crevice that sometimes aches to be explored.

Your manhood is my playground, my excursion to ecstasy, my pleasure to devour.

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I think there are two broad categories of people who engage in sex.  There are givers and receivers.    Receivers love to get oral, but prefer not to give it.  Obviously, givers are the opposite.  Now mind you, this is not binary, but rather an analog range.  I've come to realize that most of the better providers are givers.  I truly enjoy giving pleasure to a lady. Feeling her body come alive to the rhythms of my tongue, feeling them loose control, and then the petite mort.  

When I leave the room, my envelope still lying there, I want her to hope that I return again.  I want it to have been an hour of fun, rather than endurance.

ladies love oral..it is like sucking on a popsicle that never melts..

But also the power of "I've got your cock in my mouth" and the challenge of "I'm going to suck you dry!"

the gent is super clean and when I see he is enjoying it, I get off on that and enjoy it too!


I love to give all kinds of attention to a responsive man's cock.  His positive reactions definitely fuel my desire.  I enjoy exploring the entire region starting with soft, hot, wet kisses and licks on his inner thighs.  Slowly moving from thigh to thigh, pausing by his manhood long enough for him to feel my hot breath or my soft skin or hair brushing against him.  I love the tease and the anticipation.  I love seeing the desire and pleasure in his eyes.  Then onto some gentle kissing of his balls.  Followed by a long, slow glide of my wet tongue up his shaft till I reach the top.  Taking mental note of every little spot that twitches or throbs along the way.  DAMN!  My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it!!  Little kisses and licks around the shaft and finally giving him the long-awaited feeling of having my lips totally wrapped around his cock.  Slowly moving down his shaft while my tongue flicks around searching out those sensitive spots.  Then the pace picks up a bit but not much.  My mouth gliding up and down and all around.  My fingers playing with his balls.  I love seeing and hearing his reaction when his cock hits the back of my throat and my tongue tickles his balls at the same time.  After plenty of oral affection I include my hand on his cock for some dual attention.  And on to the mix up...my mouth and hands all over his cock and balls, and if conditions are right, I will roam even further south.  I keep this up as long as he can take it.   Although I will force myself to break my mouth/cock connection long enough to take it for a ride.  Followed by more oral action, of course.

whew!  sorry...I got carried away ;)  I hope this answers your question.

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