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Posted 5/15/2012 at 6:01:47 AM

Here are my thoughts on this:

We all know that men are sexual creatures (said with pure affection). Therefore, if their needs arent being satisfied, they will eventually go looking. Whether its for "just" sex or affection they are craving. When a man has an affair with a co-worker, etc, it ALWAYS gets messy! Someone's feelings are going to get hurt. Usually in a BIG way!

However, when a man comes to see one of US, while there IS affection, friendship, etc, there are NO (or DEF shouldnt be!) deep feelings involved! Both parties can have fun and then simply walk away. No feelings hurt! AND we fulfill their needs.

I've had gents tell me that because they came to see me, they went home a happy man, which makes them a happy hubby! Which, in turn, keeps the SO happy! They are less frustrated, grumpy, etc.
One even told me his wife said he needed to go "play golf" more often because he was always so chipper when he got home! LOL!

MOST of us LOVE what we do and see it as a "public service" because we love knowing we brought joy, affection, etc to YOU even if only for an hour or two at a time.

I hope this makes sense. I kinda stepped out on a limb here cause Im a MUCH better speaker than writer! LOL!

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