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Mega Question to fellow providers- Should i have to pay and who?

Posted 6/3/2012 at 7:25:45 AM

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up and i always like to spoil him: intimate surprises. We will be spending the weekend in NY 28th-2th and i want to surprise him with a double. My plan is to have a Gorgeous Girl open the door to receive him with a Birthday surprise and the rest is only imaginable. This will be more about him than myself.

About him- He is a Company Lawyer 44years an absolutely a gorgeous man to me with the perfect shaft. If i must say he is Caucasian. Should i pay another provider to come entertain us/him? Any classy, sophisticated providers out there who would like to help me out on this and rest assured your time will be well appreciated because i know what i know.  My budget is 2000$ tops. Since he doesn't know what i do we have to talk prior to the date. ( If i end up paying which is likely what will happen then i am considering Ella or Angelina Nemcova) a gentleman hobby friend recommendations. Gents if you have any other recommendation i will highly appreciate it.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Zoe P

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