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Do your homework, simple.

Posted 5/10/2012 at 6:48:30 PM

"I don't think that providers realize that hobbyist don't want to go to jail anymore then they do."

"So what's to say that you give all this info and there's not some crazy using ur info to look you up through google or facebook to embarrass you?"

Read the reviews.  Someone who has been around for a good length of time, with a golden reputation for discretion and professionalism, is very unlikely to destroy her livelihood by being crazy and simply trying "to embarrass you."  Dozens of gents say she's ok?  You have means of researching the ladies history over time, verifying that her service is as it's advertised, even confirming that her f'ing tits are a 36DDD.  Who says you are ok?  That you are safe to meet?  You're right - it seems one sided... but you have it ass-backwards.

As Lina mentioned, you are confusing anonymity with discretion.  

Simply see someone who doesn't screen for her own safety, and you'll be fine... unless she was popped by the client just prior to you...

PS - I couldn't care less about your wife's name, where you live, or your FaceBook .

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