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LOL...what dribble

Posted 5/10/2012 at 5:41:27 PM

OK I have to chime in here.

Follow the advice above and be prepared for the consequences. I applaud New Invention on his apparent successful years as a hobbyist who never gives valid screening information. We can only assume he does not have P411, rs2k or Date-check as he does not mention them to you or his use of them. Nor does he recommend them to you.

Let me tell you right here, right now, what happens OFTEN when you give bogus information. We find it. And when we do find it,  we get nervous. And when we get nervous, we have our own little spot on this wonderful web where we tell other to watch for this person as all their information is a lie. We don't out you, cause everything you have told us is a lie. We simply post the lie. A warning for everyones safety and to not waste time on you. Quality companions take screening very seriously.

Since YOU have a choice to provide screening information or not, we can only assume that a liar is up to no good. After all, our only thread to safety is screening information. So only LE and crazy people would lie.

I have a rigid screening process. I require information. If its too personal for you, or it does not meet your level of comfort I fully understand. By all means seek another. But rest assured neither of us is going to meet unless I am comfortable. YOU get to read reviews, we get NOTHING. We don't know how comfortable or uncomfortable you made the companion feel. Often the best we get from a reference will be "yes I saw him, and I would see him again". You can be whitelisted, which can be as inflated and corrupted as reviews. You can have P411 or Datecheck, its going to be hard for me to ask for any assistance from them when you have beaten me to a pulp. Not to mention that both of those services have been known to get penetrated by fakes and LE.

No we are not rocket scientists, but I highly doubt A New Invention is either. All the companions I know personally ( albeit not that many ) are not stupid either. I know more than a handful with graduate degrees and other qualities that prove their relative level of intelligence. Think we wont call your work and see if your in the directory? Think again.

I hate that we have to screen, but its a mans world when it comes to mass over mass. Its a fact that there have been far more providers who have been beaten, robbed and even murdered by men, than men by providers. Sure you can find many providers who don't screen or screen very lightly. And you can find parts of their bodies in shallow graves all over the place as well. Not saying it does not happen to men, but the facts speak for themselves as to the ratios.

Screening is what it is. I hate that its necessary, but it is and thats just another part of life. I have no problem getting screening information from prospective clients. You will have no problem finding providers who will screen lightly. Rather than complain about what some do, just stick to those you are comfortable with. We are never offended by the fact you don't make an appointment, we are highly offended when you try to scam us.

As to the best clients being or not being Alpha Males, I guess A New Invention knows best. Personally I can tell you that my best clients are always take charge solid men. I guess he is saying you cant be smart, and a leader at the same time, you cant be a geek with a strong personality. I would tend to disagree.

Evaluate your risk tolerance, and play within those guidelines. In this economy there is no shortage of providers who I am sure will or can meet you at least half way. Best of luck.

Just my two cents...

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