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Make stuff up.

Posted 5/10/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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Seriously.  There's almost never a situation where you need to provide real information.  If you have half a brain at all, she'll never know.  Most girls in this business are not exactly rocket scientists.

If she asks where you work, tell her the name of any big company that's plausible.  People in general don't check these things out -- even future employers.  Prostitutes check even less, especially if there's any hassle to it.  So give her the name of a huge company.  Let her call if she wants.

As for names -- same deal.  You can tell them anything.  Give her a common name.  In the 1960s, when many of her clients were born, the most common names in the U.S. were Michael (Mike), John, James (Jim), and David (Dave).  I have NEVER had a girl check my picture ID.  Carry your cash in your pocket and leave your wallet in your car.  You should never carry your wallet or ID into what is about to become a crime scene anyway.  If she asks why you don't have your wallet, look sheepish and say you were nervous about carrying it.  She's not going to turn you away for looking stupid. The best clients are rarely alpha males (except in their own mind), so escorts tend to relax if you seem a little dorky.  Just don't be creepy or jumpy or overly nervous.  Don't freak her out.

You'll need a real phone number of course.  But it doesn't have to be linked to anything. Get a hobby phone or use Google phone or skype or something. Type your phone number into Google and make sure it doesn't pull up anything useful.

Bottom line: She doesn't need your real info any more than you need hers. She just wants you to be cooperative. So *appear* cooperative.

The only downside to making shit up is that you can never escalate the relationship to something where she's traveling with you or dating you for real or anything. Because when she finds out you lied to her, she'll be livid and that'll be the end. You might be able to argue, as you tried in your post bjlova, that you don't know her real info either. But girls aren't logical. The upside to her dumping you is that you can hire a new girlfriend as easily as you found her.


Posted By: bjlova
Just my 2 cents at this. I'm new at this and it seems like providers want so much intonation and so many references to make every possible way to not go to jail. Many of the providers will blur out there face to further keep themselves discreet.  I don't think that providers realize that hobbyist don't want to go to jail anymore then they do.  And we want to remain discreet as well.  I'm meeting a stranger like you are.  I don't want you to know private things about me such as where I work, my wife name, where I live etc. I have seen so many providers still pictures.  So what's to say that you give all this info and there's not some crazy using ur info to look you up through google or facebook to embarrass you?  I love the game but when it comes to discretion, it seems one sided.

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