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NEW ESCORT York - Lancaster PA, Celtic Escort 5'5" 125LB 34DD

Posted 4/29/2012 at 3:21:50 PM


The Celtic Escort is the best way to describe her. Equal parts Irish and Scottish (go ahead piss her off see what happens) with freckles to match. If she were a man (or a Kennedy) we would have no choice but to hide the women and the sheep. In her case we strongly suggest you hide your sheep, really, really  well.

A fun thirty something with Irish green eyes, brown hair, 5'5, 125LB and  sporting  a set of enhanced 34DD.  If you like a flat stomach, long legs but short TSA security lines then Megan is a great choice. Relaxed, easy going, perfect for those of you who suffer the occasional anxiety issue.

Based out of Aberdeen MD with service to  York - Lancaster PA, Timonium, BWI, with 24 hour advance reservation. Service to Washington DC with a 2 hour minimum.

Please note: Megan has tattoos with an intimate south of the boarder and tongue piercing.

  * I-83 / 581 /30 York PA | Lancaster PA Route PA-272 / 30 (2 hr min)
  * I-95 Corridor North East to Elkridge, MD
  * I-83 Corridor Hunt Valley | Timonium | Cockeysville, MD (1.5 hr min)
  * I-70 | MD 29 Corridor Ellicott City, MD (2 hr min)


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