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The Hobby is Alive and Well in the Black Community...

Posted 2/14/2012 at 10:22:09 AM

It has been my experience that brothers who hobby are well off. You will not catch them doing anything on TER except reading reviews, filling out appointment forms....and getting the hell off this site....as fast as they can click on "log out"....they are out of here.

I am a sister....I see black men.....I travel to LA at least once a month....I have a very loyal following of brothers. Never ever had any issues with my LA lovers who are brothers.....or any other race as far as problematic clients.

Sorry to inform you but the Hobby is ALIVE and well in the black community. The hobby is not confined to TER. TER is a small portion of the hobby. Without fail every brother I have seen anywhere in the country belongs to TER and they don't hang out on the boards, they don't post reviews.....they read, research, and hobby in peace.

TER is too public, too open, and way too much drama goes on here. You have to remember regardless of race and/or culture THIS hobby is NOT a poor mans hobby. Brothers who hobby regularly KNOW they cannot hang out here bc they have too much to loose to sit an troll TER constantly.


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