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Re: concerning event follow up from spring mixer

Posted 4/29/2012 at 6:56:55 PM

At best, the reporter/academic is legit and would rather go to prison then reveal his sources to LE. Ha.
At worst, the M&G host is compromised and cooperating with LE to gather evidence on all participants.

Either way, you attend M&Gs at your own risk or reward. Enjoy.


Posted By: cirano
I haven't posted on this site for quite a while. haven't even logged in because i've pretty much stepped away from the hobby. but i was going to attend the spring mixer as a way of saying so long to some faces. As it turns out i had to no show last minute due to an accident i had that day which involved a laceration of my finger- there was a concern i had cut a tendon, anyway. but today in my spam email i received an email from a person claiming to be a writer for new york magazine. this person wrote that they were doing a story on the hobby and was aware that i attended the spring mixer, which again i did not. they wanted to interview me regarding the hobby. the fact that this person had access to my email is disturbing to say the least. there was so much hoopla about the email address for the mixer not being given out and then my email somehow is compromised. of course my email doesn't have any name connected to it but that isn't fool proof, we all know that. and i'm a nobody. not a doctor lawyer or indian chief so my info isn't going to get anyone anywhere, but the fact the list of the mixer was somehow passed along again is disturbing. i haven't been active in the hobby for a while now but i wanted to alert others about this occurrence.  stay safe

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