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I am absolutely APPAULD by the

Posted 4/29/2012 at 3:37:36 PM

behavior of the coordinator of this party and those that prior to the party spoke to this person.

I almost came to my first NY meet and greet ---which was this particular party.  I am saddened I missed it but now I know the reason why!!!  

I have helped co-host 2 parties in the Orlando area and the screened was heavy!!!  The behavior of Vad was absolutely out of line.  I don't care what he says but he put OTHERS in possible harms way. When you coordinate a party your #1 priority is safety. He clearly doesn't know what this means.

I agree totally he should remove himself from TER and from ever hosting any future parties, if not banned from TER. Nothing he can say to me or anyone else will "ever " get him on the good side of the folks here ever again.

Again...I am truly saddened and honestly ticked off at this. I just hope New York can recover from this as I want to come to a party!!!

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