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Posted 4/29/2012 at 9:41:30 AM

The reporter should not have been allowed to go, whether he had access to the email list or not. If the reporter does write his article, it seems more than likely that the secret hooker/hobbyist party he attended would garner at least a mention. How would it affect future M&G's if one of those parties is described in a major magazine? It seems an unwise move...LE has always been a concern, and media attention does not exactly scare them off...quite the opposite...

I understand that this hobby isn't a secret...that anybody can read the boards, that any reporter has probably overcome greater challenges than assuming a hobbyist (or escort) persona and gaining access to this community. However, I'd be willing to bet that not one person who attended would like to see this world, and especially the NY hobby scene, on anybody's coffee table. I personally, would not respond to anybody who found my site and asked me to discuss my life as Carly, even under condition of anonymity. No way!! Discretion is the name of the game...there is no *good* reason to share details of this way of life with anybody but fellow clients and escorts. And sometimes, not even with them.

Even if the aim is to portray the hobby in a better light to the world...good luck with that. The Love Goddess's hobby-sympathetic study was not exactly well-received by her peers. To try to use the media (who panders to public opinion) to explain the same thing would almost certainly backfire.

But most importantly, the credo of M&G's has always been to keep things on the DL. Why actually court the media? Why would the reporter have gone, if not to get material for an article (and why even trust him, when he says he will use no names/handles in his article)?

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