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Most guys could go their whole hobby career without

Posted 1/9/2012 at 3:39:54 PM

needing the protection of a bobby phone...  but it also requires a whole lot of "luck".  I submit "LUCK" is not a plan.  That's why we're here on TER learning the good, the bad & the ugly (apologies to Eastwood).  
The beauty of a hobby phone is that it does not (if done correctly) link back to you.  Now if you leave a dead body in the hotel room, it will not do you any good.  Even without a name, LE can track it by cell towers to a small area...  and watch for the killer to come by.   But lacking a body, LE is not going to track a hobby phone for a petty misdemeanor...  which in most jurisdictions, requires a Police Officer to witness the infraction.  (There are only 2 people in the room behind closed & locked doors.  If you are not a cop, you only have to ensure that the other person is not either.)  
However, if you are single...  say you are also civie dating...  your date or GF can not find anything on your phone.  When you are not playing, the phone is shut off & put away.  I also clear all numbers out of the memory after each meeting.  If you decide to stop the hobby for a time...  you just leave the phone off.  

You should also use a hobby email address...   Try hard to not leave tracks.  You might never be able to remove them later.  

Do not use credit cards somewhere you should not be.  Do not use EZ pass somewhere you should not be.  

Let's say you meet the girl of your dreams & fall head over heels...   you don't want to have to forever watch your back.  It maybe a bit less stringent with no current SO...  

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