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blacklist boards

Posted 1/8/2012 at 6:33:53 PM

Newbie here.  I understand the need for providers to verify customers, and I also understand the value of verfication sites.  It's also clear that review boards like this are terrific.  But one thing that scares me in this hobby are the opportunities for escorts (or anyone for that matter) to post anything on the so-called blacklist boards.  I just met a guy in NYC who had a minor disagreement with a local lady and she entered an exaggerated and mostly untrue post about him on a publicly available blacklist board.  I checked it out and she actually mentioned his real name and phone number on that site for all to see.
This informaiton is now available for all the world to see if someone googles his name.  And it happened because this guy had a minor quarrel with this lady!!!  What a quandary he's in.  Apparently the blacklist board only asks that a poster pay a fee and then the poster can write whatever they want to write.  Anything!!!  This is scary.  Someone could out me and ruin my name and my secrecy. It's enough to drive me away from the hobby. What can be done to these uncensored and unregulated boards that offer a wide open venue for unprincipled, mean-spirited people? How can these blacklist board be reigned in?  
How can they be made to act responsibly?  The potential for personal damage is frightening.

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