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There is no doubt

Posted 10/9/2011 at 8:54:24 AM

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You broke the law at No. 2, which was solicitation to commit a crime.  The act of prostitution may come later, but when you made an appointment asking for a date on a site that obviously is geared to a certain activity, answering an ad by someone engaged in that activity, and saying you wanted to engage in that activity with her, you committed solicitation.

Trust me. I have handled numerous cases of solicitation for other crimes (murder, assault, etc.)  The use of clever phrases like "300 roses" notwithstanding. No 2.


Posted By: AmonRa
I am rather new to hobbying and I know I am ignorant of many laws, so I was curious at what point I am breaking the law given my typical M.O. for hobbying:

1) I review websites to see who sparks my interest. Provider must provide incall near my job.  
2) I email the provider and ask for an hour meeting (never even remotely suggesting anything illicit), usually providing two references.
3) The morning of the meeting I email the provider to confirm appointment.
4) Provider texts me meeting location and asks me to text her once I am there.
5) I text, and then provider texts me room#.
6) I go to room and knock.
7) She lets me in.  
8) She greets me with a hug and/or LFK.  
9) I place an envelope in plain sight and ask to use the bathroom.  
10) I return to half-naked provider inviting me to join her on the bed.  
11) We begin kissing and fondling each other.  
12) Sex acts are preformed.
13) A specified amount of time passes: I dress and then leave.

Thankfully, I have not yet had any issues with L.E. or any providers.  Everything has been great.  I only wish to audit my procedure in hopes of insuring my future happiness and perhaps learning what might keep me safer or at least better informed.  

Thank you for any comments or advice you may provide me.  




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