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Re: not so sure about this...

Posted 5/27/2012 at 3:58:43 AM


Posted By: CindySpice
Well I am VERY sure about this !
and Yep you got it brstlvr.

I have known and been with many card counters ........only in their rooms.
I would never risk being seen with them in the Casino , less alone sit by their side on a table.
Oh and I have been offered many times this type of deal and other deals to help them win money.
Sorry , no  amount of money that could be won counting cards is worth the risk of getting 86'd from a hotel and then your also 86'd from any hotel that belongs to that property.

Being 86'd from a hotel property is not good for my business........ I would never risk that.

These are all reasonable points, and it's why I brought it up. It wouldn't bother me too much if I got banned from a casino, but I'd feel absolutely TERRIBLE if I caused a provider to get banned. So yeah, I'll keep the card-counting and other hobbies separate, even if I found someone willing.


Oh the stories these card counters have told me ,...... fake Id's , (so now that is getting into illegal stuff )  changing hair color , disguises ........
No matter what they did , sooner or later they got caught ....... and for the most part it was sooner then later ....... and that was before the days of advanced security technology.  

I only play blackjack recreationally a couple of times per year these days (poker is much more profitable and I don't need to hide what I'm doing), so I'd never go to that much trouble, much less do anything illegal like use a fake ID.


SO , Mr. Bluesbass ( btw your using an Alias  , already less trustworthy , just saying )

Oh, I'm new to the site and used an alias because I erroneously thought that's what you are "supposed" to do on the discussion boards, then I kept using it for consistency. I'm not trying to pull anything shady nor hide my primary screen name.

As I stated, Cindy makes good points. I hadn't thought about how being seen helping a card counter could seriously hurt a provider's business. That's the LAST thing I would want to do!


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