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Not if you have cash! 

Posted 5/22/2012 at 9:56:55 AM

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Couple of different thoughts on this issue:

1) My pet saying on these boards is "Always remember, it's a "date," not a date!  If you are freshly showered and respectful, most of the girls I know really don't care what you look like. I am no prize physically either and I have never felt that this in anyway affected my somewhat vast experiences here.  I keep my shirt on a lot of the time for the exact same reason: it makes me feel more relaxed. Again, I don't think the girls really care one way or another!

2) They are women, therefore, wired differently than we are.  I'm not saying that looks and physicality don't' matter to women but I don't think such things have quite the same priority with them as it does with us.  Again, I'm no prize to look at, especially from the neck down and don't have a boat load of dough but have had at least three real relationships with women I've met doing this, a couple of whom whose identity would probably cause serious questions about my credibility!    

Relax & have fun!

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