The Erotic Highway

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Life is an Erotic Highway. Sometimes on that journey we all could use a little guidance. Let us help you navigate it, and have a bit of fun along the way. If you have questions or observations about sex, love, or the hobby, ask for us advice. We will do everything in our power to get you to your destination!

Please be aware that we are in no way physicians and that questions concerning medical conditions and prescription drug management issues will not be posted.


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herbtcat251 reads
Roberto46199 reads
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sympathyforthedevil153 reads
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top118 reads
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stickit55168 reads
Fridays117117 reads
Riley007122 reads
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RobbinYoung98 reads
top90 reads
Riley00740 reads
in_vino_veritas87 reads
RobbinYoung84 reads
Whambulance114 reads
thebowler4321277 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu154 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu142 reads
sweetman153 reads
asiantantric152 reads
LovesEmNaughty616 reads
averagejoe38197 reads
junglegym25207 reads
sweetman148 reads
sympathyforthedevil149 reads
LovesEmNaughty180 reads
principium140 reads
GaGambler85 reads
junglegym25122 reads
sympathyforthedevil223 reads
mrfisher191 reads
averagejoe38169 reads
junglegym25151 reads
sweetman112 reads
Looking4FitGFE432 reads
sympathyforthedevil192 reads
bdb6222 reads
sympathyforthedevil189 reads
bdb6177 reads
sympathyforthedevil154 reads
herbtcat181 reads
asiantantric132 reads
rick.smith41569 reads
junglegym25246 reads
John_Laroche203 reads
sweetman164 reads
sweetman168 reads
LovesEmNaughty606 reads
LovesEmNaughty193 reads
KL69069185 reads
LovesEmNaughty158 reads
averagejoe38139 reads
sympathyforthedevil170 reads
easternpacific171 reads
carlhungus163 reads
CaptAwesome97 reads
junglegym25137 reads
sweetman107 reads
top145 reads
carlhungus111 reads
sxfiendpark96103 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu116 reads
sympathyforthedevil214 reads
mrfisher125 reads
sweetman153 reads
sympathyforthedevil426 reads
GaGambler158 reads
principium215 reads
sympathyforthedevil159 reads
magoo251105 reads
sympathyforthedevil68 reads
mrfisher76 reads
go4milfsandgreek78 reads
asiantantric421 reads
mrfisher204 reads
ATLDAWG143 reads
chardonay102 reads
GaGambler128 reads
asiantantric110 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu86 reads
asiantantric66 reads
chardonay480 reads
sympathyforthedevil125 reads
chardonay225 reads
Looking4FitGFE91 reads
mrfisher139 reads
hobby48142 reads
magoo251507 reads
Coach1437259 reads
GaGambler148 reads
carlhungus104 reads
asiantantric186 reads
go4milfsandgreek108 reads
herbtcat111 reads
GaGambler207 reads
sympathyforthedevil158 reads
principium93 reads
asiantantric140 reads
Coach1437481 reads
principium262 reads
sympathyforthedevil230 reads
sweetman234 reads
sympathyforthedevil197 reads
Coach1437176 reads
Coach1437254 reads
AsianManNOVA159 reads
sympathyforthedevil121 reads
GaGambler156 reads
averagejoe38456 reads
sympathyforthedevil225 reads
mrfisher156 reads
sweetman220 reads
Looking4FitGFE185 reads
magoo251131 reads
averagejoe38186 reads
sympathyforthedevil132 reads
Blofinger139 reads
averagejoe3897 reads
junglegym2586 reads
junglegym25154 reads
top122 reads
GaGambler91 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu416 reads
magoo251237 reads
Roberto46201 reads
goose6969172 reads
sweetman151 reads
herbtcat62 reads
sympathyforthedevil475 reads
sweetman270 reads
principium221 reads
sympathyforthedevil173 reads
magoo251179 reads
principium148 reads
CaptAwesome163 reads
John_Laroche183 reads
sweetman164 reads
sympathyforthedevil162 reads
8pointbuck125 reads
hungbuff89337 reads
sympathyforthedevil389 reads
principium214 reads
sympathyforthedevil187 reads
principium163 reads
John_Laroche178 reads
GaGambler152 reads
John_Laroche126 reads
sympathyforthedevil118 reads
John_Laroche99 reads
KL69069176 reads
sweetman174 reads
sympathyforthedevil156 reads
gdman_1964111 reads
MartyG334 reads
principium215 reads
sympathyforthedevil103 reads
junglegym25136 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu124 reads
sweetman119 reads
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