Review: Bryleigh

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Posted: April, 2012 by DKELLY2236

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Session Location

Upscale Hotel Midtown NYC

General Details

Bryleigh was easy to contact and she is very, very responsive, flirty and fun over e-mail. She confirms everything and asks you to confirm that you received her e-mail which I found great! There was no guessing and it really was great since we did move our appointment around a bit. All comunication was over e-mail, she is very careful with references and only gives her number and location once you have shared your number. She instructed me to call a few minutes before our appointment and she gave me her room # as well as specific directions when you walk into the hotel through the lobby. She is very thorough which I really liked. Guys, when you call do not be alarmed by the voice on the other end of the phone. Her voice sounds very very young, it takes a second to get used to. Once I got to her room she opened the door and looked great in red lingere and high heels. She welcomed me in, hugged and kissed me. She looks young because she is young. She is beautiful, cute, bubbly, sexy. All the things you would dream a hot 21 year old provider would be. I opened the champagne I brought and we sat on the couch and chatted. We started to kiss a bit and I asked if I could use the shower. I put the envelope on the dresser in the room and went to the bathroom. When I came out of the shower it was exactly where I left it so I'm not even sure she checked it. We kissed some more, had some more champagne and moved over to the bed....

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